Corporate Events

Whether it’s a celebration of your marketing team’s achievements, a new product launch, or taking one hundred team members on an incentive trip, all of these wonderful events can be considered corporate events. When sponsored by a company, a corporate event can be either focused on internal staff (appreciation parties, team building events, etc.) or clients (trade shows, charity events, etc.).

Considering that there is such a huge variety of corporate event formats, it’s easy to predict that each of them has different goals. Here are the main reasons why corporations put so much effort into planning and executing corporate events, along with the types of events they usually correspond with:

  • Raise brand/product awareness (trade shows, conferences, product launches)
  • Improve company culture, help employees bond, and entertain staff members (incentive trips, holiday parties, team-building events)
  • Recognise team/individual achievements (appreciation events, product launches, and incentive trips)
  • Discuss company improvements or project outcomes or motivate your team (business dinners or board meetings)
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